Optimize your packaging processes with our advanced technology.

Packing in bars of a wide variety of goods in the required number of pieces. The arrangement of the goods is fully automatic after feeding via the infeed conveyor. In the first step, the products are collected in a line in the required number of pieces. In the following step, this line is pushed through the film curtain by means of a pusher perpendicular to the infeed direction and fixed in position behind it by means of a pneumatic hold-down device. In the next step, the film is separated from the film curtain in the seam by the pneumatically controlled sealing bar using a special knife and sealed to form the band.

Pushed by the following roller line, the banded product passes over an intermediate indexing belt (or through the side sealing module) into the shrink tunnel and is then available for manual carton packaging.

Excellent accessibility. Easy maintenance and adjustability due to wide opening machine doors.

Very easy handling, quick format changes due to the use of hand wheels and spindle drives.

Adjustable pack size and reliable counting of the goods in the infeed area of the machine by innovative counting technology