The P&S training program includes a large number of individually combinable operating, maintenance and repair training courses. In these courses, you will receive a sound knowledge of how to handle the P&S machines.

The following topics are the main focus of the P&S trainings

  • Handling the machine safely
  • Reduction of unnecessary downtimes
  • Detect errors and problems early on
  • tips and tricks

Overview of training contents


Tips and tricks! If every movement is correct and potential problems are detected early, downtime can be minimized.

Have the machine operators trained in a training course specifically for the handling of your P&S machine. Avoid operating errors and reduce downtimes.


The quality of maintenance is crucial for trouble-free operation and the life-time of the machine.

Have the maintenance personnel trained in a training course specially adapted to your P&S machine. In this way you avoid unnecessarily long set-up times and damage.


Maximum performance, productivity and efficiency of the machine can be achieved through precise setup.

Have your service personnel attend a calibration course adapted to your P&S machine and thus increase the quality of your production.

You are interested in a P&S training in your company. Contact our training service to arrange a training package adapted to your requirements.

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