The aim of the P&S developers in of packaging technology is to follow the principle of "as much packaging as necessary, as less packaging as possible" for each product. The packaging must adequately protect the product against all conceivable transport stresses and at the same time convey the value of the brand. P&S offers its customers semi- and fully automatic packaging technology.

Flow pack

By guiding a flat or half tubular film over an unrivalled flexible forming head, for different product formats and materials, a film tube is produced. Single and multiple units can be packed in this tube. The P&S forming head machines allow manual or automatic product feeding and are available in different forming head designs and working widths

sleeve wrapping

Wrapping in a sleeve is particularly suitable for the packaging of single and multiple units. With the P&S design, products in all shapes and different packing schemes are possible. Two flat films are welded together by a cross sealing bar to form a sleeve which is open on the outsides. This sleeve can be closed all around with an optionally available machine extension by two longitudinal sealing units. The product infeed of the P&S film banders can be done manually or automatically. The banding machines can be used as stand-alone machines or integrated in a production line.


Shrink-wrapping in film is suitable for combining multiple units, for protection against environmental influences, as transport protection or to increase the presentation effect of your product. Following the P&S packaging solution, the product passes through a so-called shrink tunnel, in which the film is briefly heated and the film clings tightly to the product. In this way, stable, sales-promoting product packages can be produced.

Hang Tabs

Hang tabs are used for closing pouch packaging, for marking goods and as hangers. They are ideal for informing customers, for example in the retail trade, specifically about the most important product data. The P&S hang tab applicators allow the automatic application of sales-promoting hang tabs. The hang tabs are taken from a magazine, folded around the bag packaging and fixed on.

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Privacy Policy

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